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Pray, Pray, Pray! That is the message of the readings today! In this parable of the unjust judge, Jesus is urging us never to give up on our prayers. Sometimes, we can be tempted to think that our prayers are just weak requests that have very little chance of getting through. But, this is not true. Like Moses lifting up his hands, while the Israelites were at battle, our prayers can defeat strongholds, heal the sick, and restore hope to the hopeless.

Sometimes, we may grow tired at times of making the same prayer requests day after day – like the way Moses’ arms grew tired. We may even be tempted to give up our prayers. That is why Jesus gave us brothers and sisters in Christ – to lift up our hands when we grow weary, just as Aaron helped Moses. We do not have to do it alone; we can ask others to pray with us. Get together with friends at our church communities and pray for each other’s needs. God will hear and answer our prayers but do not give up…and we need patience and persistence in our prayer lives!

Recently, I read a story about Monty Robert, who was an American horse trainer; in his famous book, “The Man Who Listens to Horses,” he explains about his childhood. One day, when he was in the high school, his teacher asked him to write a paper about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wrote a seven–page paper about his aim be the owner of a large horse farm with thousands of horses. Two days later, he received his paper back with a very low grade. After class, he came to the teacher and asked: “Why did I receive a very low grade for my paper?” The teacher responded: “Your dream is so unrealistic for a boy like you, who has no money, and who comes from a poor family. There is no possibilities that you will reach your great goals one day.” Then, the teacher asked him to write another paper with a more realistic attitude.

The boy went home and asked his father how he should act. The father answered: “ This is your decision and you have to make up your own mind on this.” After several days, the boy brought the same paper to his teacher. No changes were made. He said to the teacher: “You can give me the same poor grade but I will keep my dream.” Now, Monty Robert has a 200 acres horse farm with thousands of horses. He is still keeping that school paper in front of his horse farm!

This real story tells us the moral message that – we have to follow our hearts, never give up, move on with determination and persistence, and never allow anyone to take our dreams away. Persistence and patience are very important qualities for a person to achieve his or her goals and dreams. In our life journey, we face many obstacles all the times but these obstacles should be small steps for our success. A small baby does not give up every time he or she falls when he or she is learning how to walk. Even if he or she fall, they will never stop trying to walk. Many successful people have failed many times and they realized that their failure is the road to achievement.

I hope this real story and the moral message helps us to understand that patience and perseverance can help us to solve our problems. Never blame any day in your life. Good days give you happiness, bad days give you experiences, and both are essential to life! All are God’s blessings; enjoy every day! Never, Never, Never Give Up! For prayer is not an option but an opportunity. Do not tell the Lord how big the problem is. Tell God your problem! How Great the Lord is!