Feast of the Holy Trinity: JOHN 16: 12-15

Today, we celebrate the Solemn Feast of the Holy Trinity, which is a mystery very difficult to understand with our human capacity. But we need to understand the Trinity as the model for our Christian families: we are created in love – to be a community of loving persons, just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are united in love. Our families become truly Christian when we live in relationships of love with God and with our brothers and sisters.

Last Wednesday, most of us watched the Hockey, Stanly Cup Final between The Boston Bruins and The St. Louise Blues. Unfortunately, our Bruins lost and it was very sad and disappointing. But it is a game: one team has to win and we can hope that next year, we can win. While I was watching the game, a thought came to mind that sometime back, I read an article about the image of The Holy Spirit as the Coach for Our Lives. Just think about what is the role of a coach? The coach is the one who encourages players, gives advice to the players, sometimes comforts the players, other times consoles the players, and even intercedes on a player’s behalf with a referee. Even though a coach does all these things, however, the coach cannot play the game for the players; he can only get them ready for the game and the players have to go out and play it themselves.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are united as one team; in our lifelong game, the Holy Spirit — as a coach — becomes a good role model to lead our lives. The Holy Spirit is always encouraging, urging, comforting, consoling, advocating, or interceding on our behalf. The image of the Holy Spirit as a coach, not as separate or an outsider, is one who knows us intimately from the depths of souls, with all our fears and hopes, with all our doubts and dreams, and with all our possibilities for a new and more abundant life.

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, “Every person is an icon of God.” Do we see God’s image in each person we meet? To be able to encourage one another, we must first be able to treat each person with dignity and respect. The Holy Spirit, as the Coach for Our Lives, fills us with the power and courage that makes an ordinary man or woman do extraordinary things with great love!

We enter the mystery of this Trinitarian relationship, just as we do our relationships in the family. We begin with personal relationships, by coming to know more about others and allowing others to know more about us. When we begin to spend time with Jesus, get closer to Jesus, and open ourselves to Jesus, all our relationships begin to reflect — even if imperfectly — the perfect relationship of love of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I am learning that by admitting my own powerlessness, I find God’s strength in my life! It is when we surrender our broken spirits and bodies into God’s hands that a wonderful transformation takes place. God may not change the circumstances that bother us or make us anxious — but God WILL change our hearts and our attitudes so that we can see the incredible work God is doing in us and through us. When we allow God to do His work with us, we are living the Trinity in our daily lives!

As we celebrate Father’s Day today, let us pray for all fathers to be more faithful in their duties towards their families. Let us pray to God to give them the moral strength they need to become good models so that children can always look up to their dads as their role models. Let us pray for all our fathers: may our heavenly Father’s blessings be upon them!