In today’s gospel, Jesus speaks about two parables: The parable of the kingdom and the parable of the mustard seed.  In the first parable, the parable of the kingdom, we have seen that the farmer scattered the seed on the land and the farmer waited for harvest time.  The cycle of growth followed its own secret rhythm and the seed sprouted and grew, but the farmer had no idea how this happened.  This is the way it is with the kingdom of God.  We hear the word of God, and it takes root in our hearts, grows, and spreads.  We do not know how this happens because this is God’s grace working in our lives.   The sower in our gospel did not just sow one seed or a handful of seeds. The sower sowed lavishly, throwing seeds everywhere.  We are called to not love just one person or a few persons but to lavish our love unconditionally on everyone.

The second parable is that of the tiny mustard seed that grows many times its size.  It grows into a large bush and the birds can find shelter and shade in its branches.  The Kingdom of God is like this tiny mustard seed.  Even though it is very tiny, the inside of the seed is very strong and solid.   Our seeds of faith should be deep and solid.  Whether our faith lives are small or big, if we cooperate with God’s plans in our lives, we will be led to abundant fruits with God’s blessings.   As birds find shelter in trees, we can find comfort in God’s grace, and we will be able to enjoy happiness and peace in God’s heavenly kingdom.  Let us try being diligent and doing our roles faithfully and without failure.  God is with us.  God will give us the fruits and the grace through the power of the Holy Spirit that we need.

As we celebrate today Father’s Day, let us remember all our fathers with gratitude for their sacrifices and love, as well as all mothers.   Let me share with you a meaningful story:  A son took his old father to a restaurant for an evening dinner.  His father was very old and weak; while he was eating, food dropped on his shirt and pants.  The other people in the restaurant watched him, and they felt bad, but his son was very calm.  After he finished the dinner, his son took his father to the washroom, wiped away the food particles, removed the stains, and combed his hair.  When they came out, the entire people in the restaurant were watching them in dead silence.  The son settled the bill and started walking out with his father.

At that time, a young man in the restaurant called out to the son and said, “You have left something behind.”  The son checked his pocket and bag and replied, “I did not leave anything.”  The young man said, “Yes, you have left the rest of us a “Meaningful Lesson” for all sons and daughters about how to treat old parents!”

We all know that our parents took care of us regarding every little thing and how many sacrifices they did for us.  We should love our parents, respect them, and care for them, not only by taking care of our parents but people who are old, sick, poor, and those who need our help.  This is the powerful message this story gives us this Father’s Day!

Let us pray for all fathers, living or dead, to be more faithful in their duties towards their families.  Let us pray to God to give them the moral strength they need to become good models so that children can always look up to their dads as their role models!

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