27th Sunday – *Mk 10:2-16 or 10:2-12

Let me share with you a meaningful story: A Buddhist philosopher was
drinking tea one afternoon and a friend came to speak with him. His friend
said: “I have decided to get married, and I am so excited about it!”
Then he asked the philosopher, “Tell me, have you ever thought about getting
married?” The philosopher replied, “When I was younger, I used to think
that I wanted to get married, but I decided to wait for “the perfect
woman.” I searched all over the world to find a perfect woman. Finally, I
found a girl, and she was a beautiful girl with a brilliant mind.” His
friend asked, “Did you marry her?” The philosopher said sadly, “She
was also looking for the perfect man, but she could not find anyone.” This
story is very true! If we are looking for a perfect person, we will never
find one. In today’s gospel, Jesus reminds us that an imperfect man has
no right to divorce his equally imperfect wife, whom God has given him as
his perfect gift.

Concerning stability in marriage: It is not very easy for the two
different people in a marriage to get along with each other. The husband
and wife bring to the marriage their own strengths and weaknesses, love and
hatred, hurts and wounds, hopes and fears. Hence, the first requisite for
a lasting marriage is that the spouses learn to accept each other, as they
are two imperfect human persons. They are God’s gift to each other. Saint
Pope John Paul II encourages families with the following request: “Family
becomes what you are!” Pope continued saying, “Marriage has been called
the “school of love,” where husband and wife learn to cherish and make
sacrifices for each other by accepting children lovingly from God; and
parents are able to experience the fullness of joy and peace.”

Today’s gospel also tells us that we should respect our children as we
respect marriage itself.  Jesus said: “Let the children come to me, do not
prevent them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to them.” In today’s modern
culture is trying to stop children through abortion, starvation, child
trafficking, abuses, and in many different ways. We should encourage the
culture of life and protect the children as God’s children. There is
something exciting about children. They have an enthusiasm for life that we
tend to lose, as we grow older. The children have a sense that anything is
possible. Every child is a precious pearl of countless worth. With their
simplicity, openness, and love, children show us the path to salvation,
bringing Christ into the world.

Pope Francis spoke at the World Meeting of Families, “Perfect families do
not exist. This must not discourage us. Love is something we learn; love
is something we live. We should learn that the conflicts and issues are
not the last words, but we should take them as a new opportunity: an
opportunity to seek help, an opportunity to question how we need to
improve, and an opportunity to discover the God, who is with us and never
abandon us. This is a great legacy that we can give to our children. We
should know that our mistakes, problems, and conflicts are an opportunity
to draw closer to each other and to draw closer to God.

Let us remember the words of St. Mother Teresa: “If life is not lived for
others, it is not a life. If you want to change the world, go home and
love your family. Peace begins with a smile.”

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