Today’s Gospel describes two of Jesus’ disciples, who were walking away
from Jesus and the church community in Jerusalem to Emmaus. They were
confused, disappointed, and had lost their hopes after the death of
Jesus. On their journey, they were arguing and debating with each other.
Jesus Himself approached and walked with them. Their eyes were prevented
from recognizing Jesus because they were thinking and discussing about
their own future lives, instead of focusing on Jesus. After they stopped
their argument, they paid attention to Jesus’ words and they recognized

In the Gospel, we notice that at the end of their journey, the disciples
show hospitality to the stranger and invited him to “stay with us.”
Jesus accepted their hospitality and invitation by responding to the goodness
that was in them; by accepting their offer of supper and shelter for the
night, Jesus built upon what good they had, and it brought them back to
faith. When they listened to Jesus and participated in the breaking of
the bread, they opened their eyes, and they recognized Jesus, and they felt
that their “hearts were burning within.” Here, Jesus’ “breaking of
the bread” was more than physical bread; Jesus was breaking and sacrificing His
own life for each of us. When we are ready to sacrifice and totally give
our lives for others, then we will experience the presence of Jesus!

In our lives, we all experience the same kinds of Emmaus journeys; when we
feel disappointments, failures, rejections, loneliness, and darkness, we
should engage in conversation and communication with each other as the
disciples did with the stranger on their journey. Even in our own dark
moments and our unbelief, we can invite Jesus to “stay with us” and have
a meal with us, as the disciples did. Let us find time to have meals with
our close friends and family members and this will help us to bring real
happiness and peace of mind. Also, we can help those, who are having
difficulties with their faith and who are struggling with darkness in their
lives, by reaching out with our helping hands, by listening to their
stories, and by understanding and respecting them as they are. Let us walk
with them, to praise their goodness, to warm their hearts, and to gently
lead them in the right direction.

Let us experience the Eucharistic Christ, who can light the fire within
us! Let us remember the words that St. Mother Teresa spoke about life’s
journey: “Life is an opportunity, and benefit from it. Life is
a beautiful, and admires it. Life is a dream and realizes it. Life is a
challenge and meet it. Life is sorrow and overcome it. Life is a song,
and sing it. Life is a struggle and accept it. Life is too precious and
do not destroy it. Life is life and fight for it!”

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