In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us the parable of the sower and the seeds.  This story is very simple.  A farmer goes out into the field and sows the seeds.  The seeds fall on different types of soil and produce different kinds of fruits.  Here, we can notice that the quality of the soil can determine whether the planted seeds are successful or not. There are three major players in the parable, the sower, the seeds, and the soil. The sower is the Christ, the seed is the word of God, and the soil is the heart of the person.

The other thing we can notice in this parable is that the focus is not on the sower, because the sower is not even identified.  The focus is not on the seeds; the seeds were simply scattered by the sower.  In this parable, the focus is on the soil.  In other words, there is nothing wrong with the sower or how he sows the seeds.  There is nothing wrong with the seeds.  Nothing is wrong with the messenger or the message.  The problem is the condition of the soil, which means that the success of our ministry or mission work is determined by the soil of our hearts.  Even though the sower, seeds, and soil are connected, the most important thing is the soil; the soil of our hearts, attitudes, efforts, and willingness to produce what kinds of fruits!

Let me share with you a simple story: There were two young boys, who were walking through a cornfield, and they saw some corn seeds scattered across the ground.  The boys each took some corn seed, went home, and planted it.  When the first boy did not see a tiny sprout the second day, he dug up the seed to see if it had sprouted.  Each day he dug up the seed and replanted the seed.  The boy did not allow the seed to maintain contact with the soil and take root so the seed died.  The second boy planted his seed and left it alone.  He waited patiently as rains came and sunshine gave warmth to the seed.  After a few days, a small sprout broke through the ground, the leaves came, and slowly the plant grew and produced good fruit.

This simple story gives us the message that:  To achieve any ambition or desire in our lives, whether large or small, begins with a small seed sown in our minds.  This seed is the vision and dream of its fulfillment.  It also needs our commitment and patience to allow the vision and dream to grow. Our faith in God to help us to endure the storms, rains, and sunshine we face in our lives.  At present, we are facing many challenges, crises, and storms of life.  We are feeling that our lives are in the thorns and in the rocky ground, but we should remember that “Still other seeds fell on good soil.”  This is our hope!  Our present challenges will pass away and we can stand strong.  Let us dig our roots deep into the soil, and we can make a stronger and better life.  Let us leave all the rest up to God.  We don’t want any unnecessary worries and fears, so trust in God and God will do best for us.  Everything happens for a reason!

God’s love is ever-present in our lives.  The choices we make, the decisions we face, and the responsibilities we accept, all determine our paths in life.  Our constant challenge is to open ourselves to God’s love and to cultivate the seeds of faith, seeds of grace, and seeds of mercy that God bestows upon us.  Let us ask God’s help in this effort, so that our lives may continue to be rich soil, bearing good fruit for God, and helping to build up God’s kingdom on earth!

Let us follow the words of St. Mother Teresa, “Giving is an act of generosity. Giving is sowing a seed. The seed will produce a great harvest of fruits.”

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